Kevin’s Position on Key Issues

Growth and Historic Preservation

  • Lead change and openness in growth plans that are easily understood and implemented with a customer service-oriented attitude
  • Ensure that Bastrop remains a prime place for smart and effective growth
  • While encouraging growth, ensure the protection of our historic downtown and its unique character
  • Work to preserve the integrity of our historic neighborhoods while also understanding the need for housing and jobs


  • Provide strong leadership on a multitude of major projects to stay within budget and on schedule while being suited to the historical integrity of downtown.
  • Implement Best Practices in construction and maintenance of the new water and wastewater plants and street development outside of historic downtown
  • Encourage and provide the leadership necessary to ensure that vital improvement projects such as road improvements and police, ambulance, and fire services are world-class

Customer Service

  • Ensure proper customer training services for government employees
  • Citizens react best when they receive good customer service
  • Encourage responsible procedures that inform the public rather than frustrate them
  • Promote reasonable and realistic timelines for permitting and other potential development issues so there excessive wait times are reduced

Economic & Fiscal Responsibility

  • Encourage economic development through managing the city budget and protecting the citizens’ tax dollars from wasteful spending
  • Continue to work with The Bastrop Economic Development Corporation recruiting effective industry to Bastrop
  • Ensure the city budget is confined to providing essential services without raising taxes
  • As your City Councilman, I will continue to ensure that we attract the industries that will improve our economy and quality of life for all of Bastrop’s citizens.

Other Issues

  • If it is important to you, it is important to me – please email me with your comments and concerns. [email protected]